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Who are we?
I Nigel Kerr work for British Telecomm on internal exchange construction (Network Build) in Liverpool.

My teammate Andrew Norton is a robotics student he also is one of the moderators on the Battle Bots forum & he has been on the production team of Battle Bots in the USA at least 3 times.

Andrew & I are 2 of the founding members of NARC (National Association for Robotic Competition).

The History or Story Behind My Site
At the end of the first series of Robot Wars UK, I Nigel Kerr decided that I could make one of those robots.
So I phoned the Robot Wars answering machine as soon as the last episode had been screened.
I then waited for 3 weeks and heard nothing, so I decided to just go ahead and make one. As I was on my own I decided that I would only make a robot that I could pick up so it had to be less than 40 Kg (a middleweight).
The robot also had to be cheep, as I had no idea weather I would get in the series, anyway Hard Cheese took less than 2 months to make.
Just as I had finished the robot I got a letter from Robot Wars asking me what I was going to build and not to do so until they gave me the go ahead.
This was 3 months after I had contacted them it was a good job I didn't wait, anyway I filled out the forms and as an extra I sent them a VHS video of the finished robot.
I soon got a response saying how pleased they where with the video and where to go from there.

I entered series 2 of robot wars and won the middle weight competition, I was accompanied on the show by my friend Stephen Davies & my brother in law Alan Stein.

For series 3 I had a new team mate Andrew Norton a robotics student, we intended to have our heavy weight built by then which was to be called The Big Cheese just to keep the theme going.
It was only when we got to series 3 we found someone else had taken and developed our idea.

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