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Some pictures of Hard Cheese.

This is Hard Cheese at the end of it's winning battle series 2 UK Robot Wars.

RIAS Rubber Impact Absorption System AKA rat Verminator.

In series 2 the middle weight robots where entered 3 at a time.

The team mascot Verminator on fire.

A bit of fun in Leeds this is what started NARC.

We also fight heavy weight robots.

A sneaky peak inside HC with axe fitted.

Panic Attack gives someone a lift.

The heavy weight series 2 champion Panic Attack & middle weight champion series 2 at a charity event.

Yes this is when we lost in series 3, it was not due to other competitors. We just had the wrong fuse in the drive.

You're fondued dude!

9 robots in an arena at the same time is shear chaos!

You may be surprised but the only damage sustained by the flames was some slight charring to 1 wheel.

All that cutting and he never got through the stainless steel.